Medical Marijuana Consultant

Medical Marijuana Collectives are an emerging area of legal practice.

There is a recent trend among the states whereby more and more states are legalizing the possession, use, and sale of medical marijuana products for properly qualified seriously ill patients who possess a proper medical provider's recommendation.

The Federal Government has not changed their position on marijuana. The Controlled Substances Act and the DEA still consider marijuana in any form to be an illegal drug.

However, that having been said, the Federal Government does appear to be tolerating State's rights where a State has properly legislated and managed the matter. But there can be no assurances that this tolerance will continue.

The firm does not endorse any illegal activity, especially where controlled substances are involved. But we do recognize this emerging market and understand that it needs and can benefit from thoughtful legal representation. Medical marijuana has legitimate uses and those who engage in providing this service should have a counsel they can question as often as they need to be sure they operate within the ever changing parameters.  

If you are California based we can represent you directly. If you are based in other states we can act as your expert consultant.

If you are considering launching a medical marijuana collective and understand the risks involved, or perhaps currently operate a clinic that could use a good sound business review, call us at (800) 656-4584.