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Many small and medium sized mortgage brokers and lenders still have their heads in the sand about the importance of compliance these days. That all changes when they receive an Audit Notice.

The CFPB and state regulators are serious about protecting consumers and you want to position yourself in a way that will give them an immediate positive impression about your consumer protection efforts when they come to see you. And come, they will.

Our program allows you to obtain and become familiar with all the important policies and procedures they tend to examine. When we are finished, you will have received, read, and signed over 40 different policies. You will then assemble three Manuals – and when the CFPB comes calling, this will be their first impression of you. It will demonstrate that you took this process seriously and share their concern for the consumer. Plus, we provide answers to your compliance questions quickly! The program gives you 24 hour access to a compliance attorney at a price easy on your budget. You pay one time a year. No nit picking bills for every question. 

But of course, you have to take what we send you and apply it to your daily business practices. A well run shop without a formal compliance program will be viewed with suspicion. Conversely, an average shop with a good compliance program will be viewed much more positively. Your Manuals will set the stage for the mood of any audit or regulatory visit. They will create the presumption that you comply. The absence of this formal presentation of your policies and procedures creates the presumption you don’t.

Our Compliance Package includes all our manuals, the Governance and Training packages, and quick access to our attorney for a year. You will feel comfortable about being prepared.

Finally, if you are a current client and find yourself in a troublesome audit we can act as your audit response liaison. Ask about our Audit Protection Plan (c). You have no idea how valuable that might be. It helps prevent your making an inadvertent admission against interests. 

Peace of mind is priceless. While you can never be 100% prepared, with our program you will be in a higher state of readiness. Let us hear from you today (800) 656-4584.

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